ILJ Corporation Inventing and Manufacturing Since 1987
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Who We Are
A small, quiet product design and manufacturing firm, ILJ has created many commercial, industrial and medical electronic products since its founding in 1987 by John M. Davis, CEO. We specialize in turnkey design of novel products incorporating embedded processors, many of which result in patents. Our manufacturing capacity is reserved for production of our creations for clients and marketing partners.

In-House Capabilities
- Electronic PCB design, layout and prototyping.
- Mechanical design with 3D CAD and prototyping
- Embedded processor software development in C++
- Expertise in adaptive multi-axis motion control
- Expertise in designing production 3D printed parts
- Custom embedded multi-tasking operating systems
- Custom resilient binary communication protocols
- Machining, CNC routing and 3D printing operations
- SMD PCB assembly

A Few of Our Creations
- Inexpensive infant incubator for developing nations (site)
- Machine vision pill counter for retail pharmacies
- Radio-based vibration measurement telemetry
- Eye tracking diagnostic equipment for migraines
- Acoustic binary gas mixture analyzers
- Laser tag game system for commercial arenas
- Internet remote telemetry for beverage industry
- Vibrating medical needles visible via ultrasound
- Electronic equipment for theroad paving industry
- Infrared detector of intravenous extravasation
- Controls for bowling pin-setting machines
- First battery-powered touch screen voting machine
- Electronic drive for precision infrared emitters
- Controls for ophthalmic lens cutting equipment
- Flow controls for agricultural production

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North Chesterfield, VA 23236